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US citizens concerned with our national fiscal situation might want to listen to a mere bean counter. I’m one of those bean counters, a CPA, a CPA who has been called on by many businessmen going into bankruptcy.

When times are not good, when many people are defaulting on their financial obligations, a CPA’s work can get very interesting and very educational. We get to see people in situations of desperation, in times when they see through wishful thinking, when they see through the delusions they had convinced themselves of.

We see them in a situation that almost always has a dramatic impact on the rest of their lives; they go through one sort of conversion experience or another. How folks deal with bankruptcy marks them for the rest of their lives.

I’m sharing with the citizens of this great land that we love what I’ve learned as a CPA who has helped clients avoid bankruptcy, and helped those who could not avoid bankruptcy get through their bankruptcy with the least possible pain and the most prospects on the other side. US citizens will find our own government fiscal situation clarified by keeping in mind the lessons of private bankruptcies.

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